MFAAI’s current project is to provide the Manogue Football Program with the items listed below.  Please go to our donations page to help with this current project.  Donations are tax deductible.

In Support of Manogue Football

Miners Football Alumni Association, Inc.

Reno, Nevada

A Nevada non-profit corporation and an IRS approved 501(c)(3) Organization

 Miners’ State Football Championships*


1957 – Div. IV (A)   1958 – Div. III (AA)  1970 – Div. III (AA)  1971 – Div. III (AA) 

1972 – Div. III (AA) 1975 – Div. III (AA) 1979 – Div. III (AA)  1982 – Div. III (AA)

1987 – Div. III (AA)     1988 – Div. III (AA)      1999 – Div. I-A       2002 – Div. I-A

2003 – Div. I-A 

*Source: Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association  – (AA) & (A) were earlier years’ conference designations.
Goal= $5090



Legacy 27

The endzone camera is a tool that many of the area high schools are utilizing and is a tremendous teaching and preparation tool for the coaches and players.  It gives a rear perspective of the game that helps coaches and players breakdown film, grade/evaluate players, as well as game plan. Reach above the crowds at events, concerts and sports activities. The Legacy will give your camera an “aerial” perspective from 27′ in the air. The risers are made of sturdy carbon fiber tubes with large latches to make setup quick.

Digital Piggy Back System

piggy_back_systemThis allows you to film wide and tight from one camera stand and one control.  This dual mount camcorder system remote control, controls one camera with one button and also controls independently zoom in/out. The frame’s top plate has a ball bearing and locking knob, so it can tilt to match the bottom camcorder view, has quick release device for each camcorder. Comes with the hard case and insert foam to protect camcorders frame and accessories. The frame is made out of T600 aluminum alloy.

The sideline piggyback camera system allows for a one man operation.  One operator is able to film both the wide and tight version from the sideline.  The film can be downloaded right onto the HUDL app which allows for the coaches to view, grade and prepare immediately.

Digital Piggyback System:   $2795
Legacy 27:                              $2295